OrbFusion enables organisations to automate the flow of information between applications and business functions. OrbFusion offers flexible process management to cut cost, improve efficiency and address the need for easy adaptation in an ever-changing competitive world.

Client Access

OrbFusion delivers client content on a variety of browsers within the same platform. Utilising popular technologies like AJAX and JSON for data communication. Data access has been designed with high performance and scalability at its core.

OrbFusion Portal

OrbFusion’ Portal architecture allows for the portal to consist of multiple pages, each containing multiple mini-applications called widgets that provide specific functionalities. These widgets can appear on multiple pages. Widgets are based on a plugin architecture allowing OrbFusion’s functionality to be extended at any point with new functionality.

Widgets access and configuration settings are controlled by the OrbFusion Portal Layer.

OrbFusion is a .Net based web application that runs on the Microsoft web stack. It is equally at home on premises or in the cloud.

OrbFusion utilises Microsoft SQL Server as a database platform. Additional data sources can be defined for Widget utilisation from other data sources.

User Management

User management within OrbFusion is based on Role based architecture. Dual mode authentication is available within OrbFusion allowing both Windows and OrbFusion built-in authentication methods. Access within the portal (pages and widget) and workflow functions are controlled by user role access.


OrbFusion allows for the adaptation of different languages and regions. This is accomplished by the utilisation of language files. By default OrbFusion is based on the en-US culture.

OrbFusion generic forms also allow for the ability to be presented in a specific language.