AMT Integration

With a fit for purpose solution, OrbFusion provides a collaborative platform for the integration between AMT and your ERP/Systems, with the aim of driving operational efficiencies. OrbFusion forms an integration platform that not only facilitates data interchange, but also enforces your business policies and procedures.

OrbFusion interfaces with RPMGlobal’s Enterprise Planning Framework (EPF) to exchange data and transactions while enforcing data integrity.

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AMT, from RPMGlobal, is the leading Asset Management Software solution for mobile mining equipment.

Improved Management and Control for Inbound Logistics Processes

Logistics processes generate and manage a substantial volume of documentation. Electronic management is curial to running a large, and geographical distributed operation. OrbFusion provides a BPM (Business Process Management) solution allowing for transactional integrity and centralised document management.

The OrbFusion solution allows for improved efficiencies, collaboration and control while reducing time. Providing you with a flexible tool to adapt to your environment.

Some of the features include:

  • Pre-Shipment inspection management by certification service providers
  • Import Permit Management
  • Transactional Flow Control
  • Commercial Invoice and Manifest Management
  • Goods In Transit management
  • OSD Management


  • Bi-directional document searching and consolidated view of all attachments
  • KPI’s and alerts
  • Geographical tracking facility
  • Automation of ERP functions
  • Full traceability
  • Exception Reporting

Pragma On Key

The business requirements of certain organisations are often so unique that a best of breed solution offers a better fit than the standard ERP solution. Instead of trying to implement complex and costly systems which do not always address all the business requirements, a combination of the most suitable solutions is essential to get positive results. Another benefit which results from adopting the best of breed approach is deeper and more industry-specific functionality. This is particularly important as it assists an organisation in gaining a competitive advantage by minimising the potential for software functionality gaps.

This is why the On Key interface is so important. The interface facilitates data exchange between Pragma’s On Key and the ERP. Amongst other things, this affords organisations the ability to accurately measure equipment performance to reduce downtime, as well as ensure accurate spare part management. This is possible because the interface allows all maintenance management activities to be managed by On Key, while the procurement and control of spare parts take place within OrbFusion and the ERP.

Pragma is a global physical asset management company, offering solutions in support of PAS 55 and ISO 55000. Its Enterprise Asset Management system, On Key, assists with the development of maintenance tactics to improve the availability and performance of an organisation’s physical assets.Pragma On Key