Our Solutions

OrbFusion has specifically been developed to bridge the gaps between systems to ensure that all your organization’s business needs are met. This is achieved while simultaneously increasing your organization’s agility by improving your ability to respond to change while also promoting efficiency in your responses to the change within your organization’s environment.

Our Features

Bridging the Gap

Developed to bridge the gaps between systems to ensure that all your organization’s business needs are met.


OrbFusion integrates with your organization’s current business management systems and databases.


OrbFusion has been developed to assist your organization in facilitating rapid change while still promoting simplicity.


OrbFusion features a powerful workflow engine which offers robust functionality and visual process modelling.

Collaboration & Connectivity

Crucial to efficient workflow is the collaboration and connectivity of your organization’s staff which OrbFusion facilitates.

Auditability & Monitoring

By keeping a comprehensive audit trail of all actions performed in OrbFusion, a transparent view of your key business processes is provided.

and much more...

The OrbFusion solution can connect with many other systems and databases within your organization, consolidating the processes and data silos which have historically been associated with the different lines of business within your organization. This integration with your organization’s core business process management systems allows for the greater visibility of relevant information which is centralized in one global and coherent browser-based solution.
To facilitate the flow of information and task allocation within your business processes, OrbFusion features a flexible workflow engine that offers robust functionality and visual process management. This further enables rapid deployment across your organization.
In today’s dynamic organization the traditional approach to business management is giving way to more decision making latitude within an organisation, creating an acute need for a comprehensive business process management solution that can accommodate blurred reporting structures and interdepartmental collaboration.

Additional Features

OrbFusion is a robust software application that amalgamates the various facets and systems of your organization into one global coherent solution which facilitates improved decision making.

  • It is a rapidly deployable business process management solution with an extensive set of tools to handle the most complex business process requirements.
  • OrbFusion is a scalable solution.
  • Assists you to enforce your business policies and procedures.
  • Provides you access to a transparent audit trail.
  • Features a potent workflow engine with robust functionality.
  • Can connect to various databases and numerous systems simultaneously.
  • Increases data integrity.
  • Role-based approach safeguards your authentication and authorization of information by restricting user access.
  • Enhances collaboration internally and externally.
  • Simple to use interface.
  • Reduces errors.
  • Multiple data categories on one view means that you can access everything that you need in one view which aids in decision making.
  • Cross-browser compatible web-based solution.